Our stoves

Extraordinary design, uncompromising quality and future-oriented technologies are what distinguish Austroflamm stoves.


Environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The CO2 neutral burning of wood contributes to the energy reovlution. 

Exemplary emission values are achieved by the Keramott firebox lining specially developed by Austroflamm.

The impressive display of flames and the romantic crackling of the wood offer a maximum feelgood factor.

Dexter 2.0 stove ambiance bedroom

Appliances with heating / baking function

We burn for independence.

Whether it’s savory bread, crispy pizza or seductively sweet cake – baking with wood is in again.

Independent and natural, our baking and cooking appliances offer the freedom to create delicacies without the need for electricity.

At the same timethey fill the room with a pleasant warmthand turn any room into a cosy ambiance.

Heidi Back stove ambiance photo autumn day with cake in baking compartment

Pellet stoves

The most comfortable way of heating.

Comfortable, intuitive to operate and environmentally friendly at the same time, our pellet stoves offer the perfect alternative to the conventional stove.

All Austroflamm pellet stoves are preparedas standardfor Balanced Flue1Operation.

Automatic self-cleaning cycles and the particularly clean and low-ash combustion result in a very small cleaning expenditure.

Clou Pellet pellet stove ambiance photo

Our stoves fill with a pleasant warmth and unique design. There are no limits set on the imagination. Austroflamm stoves are available in a multitude of different models and dimensions with numerous different surfaces – so you are guaranteed to find the right product for your home.


Clou Xtra

Hybrid stoves

Like to have the option to heat using firewood as well as pellets? With our hybrid ovens you can enjoy the comfortand technological innovations of pellet ovens with the naturalness of a crackling stove fire.

Mo Duo hybrid stove ambiance photo winter

Fireplace inserts

Our fireplace inserts fill any room with pleasant warmth and in a unique design. From the classic country house to the modern city loft, the fireplace inserts perfectly meet your requirements.

Fireplace insert Vuur Drie 60 ambiance photo
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