Clean stoves correctly

Cleaning and care

Heating with a stove offers pleasant warmth and a special atmosphere. However, every stove must also beregularly cleaned so that it can be kept running safely and as long as possible.

Efficient heating is only possible with a  well-maintained stove.Even soot on the fireplace glasscan effect the appearance and thus your enjoyment of the stove. If these have settled in, they can only be removed with difficulty. In order to have long-term enjoyment of your stove or fireplace, you should ensure regularcareand cleaning.

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What do I need to be aware of before cleaning?

However before you start cleaning the stove, it should first be sufficiently cooled down. Particularly for stoves with a Heat Memory System and special heat reservoirs such as Keramott you should be aware that the stoves store heat over many hours and only give it off gradually. You should therefore consciously take this cooling down phase into account.


This way you will achieve the optimum result

  • At least once a year (before or after the heating period) or after a certain number of operating hours, a thorough cleaning must be carried out. This information on the product is made available by every manufacturer. 
  • Regular removal of the ash is vitally necessary during operation.
  • Pellet stoves are less maintenance intense than stoves, so the cleaning effort is less. 

For the best possible result you will require:

  • a soft cleanng cloth
  • a gentle cleaning agent
  • an ash vacuum cleaner
  • window cleaning fluid
  • a soft brush
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Cleaning the body correctly

If your stove has sufficiently cooled down, the body can simply be cleaned with a dry or lightly moistened cloth.

The use of alcohol- or solvent-based cleaning products should be avoided. The body is sealed with a special lacquer and may be damaged by these.

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Correctly maintaining the interior

To clean the interior, ashes and soot residues must first be removed. Coarse dirt and ashes must be manually removed with a shovel and a brush or an ash vacuum cleaner. A purpose-built ash vacuum cleaner is particulary good for removing ash.

Alternatively there is also the option of sucking up ash using an ash filter which can be connected to a conventional vacuum cleaner. The completely cooled ash can then be disposed of via the household waste.

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Gently cleaning the stove window

The right cleaning product
When maintaining and cleaning the stove, the window must be cleaned as well as the body. If the window is not regularly cleaned, the soot particles which at first only settle inside and darken the view into the inside of the stove may bake in. Therefore regular care is all the more important. The window should be completely cleaned with special stove glass cleaner and a clean cloth or kitchen paper.

This will damage the glass
An important tip: abrasive cleaning agents or coarse cleaning cloths should not be used to clean the stove window, since these could scratch it. This not only affects the optics but at the same time light dust and dirt may settle into the scratches. Finally, you want to enjoy the cozy and aesthetically pleasing flames in your stove for as long as possible.

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Don't forget the stovepipe

Besides the stove itself the associated stovepipe should also be cleaned, since a strong build-up of soot can negatively affect the operation of your stove. As a rule however this is only required once a year. The simplest way is to use two people to dismantle the stovepipe and clean it from inside using a poker and a brush. It is recommended that the area around it be well protected, since for the most part a lot of black soot is left behind in the pipe. The best way is to leave it to the professionals: just talk to your chimney sweeper about it.

Tip: Never restart the stove without the stovepipe installed!

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