The hybrid stove

Technical ingenuity meets authentic cosiness  

Mo Duo hybrid stove ambiance photo

For many would-be stove owners, the choice between stove and pellet stove is not easy. Heat at the press of a button or cosy play of flames without electricity? A hybrid stove relieves you of this decision and fulfils all your heating desires at once.

Differences between stove and pellet stove

Stove or pellet stove?

Both stoves and pellet stoves have their advantages. Thanks to modern technology, the pellet stove is especially user-friendly. Time and target temperature can be precisely pre-set via the press of a button or by app. So a hybrid stove ensures a warm home punctually after work or in the morning when you get up, without having to fire it up. You’re also spared stoking up, because thanks to the automatic pellet feed this type of stove constantly maintains the pre-set temperature.


For many people, a cosy and atmospheric play of the flames with the crackle of burning wood and cosy warmth is the epitome of cosiness. This is where the classic stove scores. Beyond that, these models can be run without electricity. Stove owners are therefore independent of energy price rises, power failures and the rest.

The best of both worlds

For anyone who can’t decide between warmth at the push of a button and the calming sight of a wood-burning stove, a hybrid stove is exactly the right thing. The hybrid appliance can be heated both with pellets and with firewood and combines the best of both worlds. The user-friendliness of a pellet stove meets the authentic cosiness of a wood-burning stove.

Owners can not only enjoy the advantages of both heating systems as they like but also use the preferred fuel depending on the market situation. Firing a hybrid stove with firewood is easy, even without electricity. So even in a power blackout it will keep the home cosily warm.

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How a hybrid stove works:

Like the pellet stove, the hybrid stove can be switched on, programmed and controlled via a display on the appliance or also by remote control via an app. So for example the stove can be started up in pellet mode while you are out and about. If at home you want to enjoy the cosy play of flames from burning wood while lying on the couch, you can simply switch to firewood operation by laying the firewood and the appliance immediately recognising the change of fuel. The appliances use the pellets to light the fire. Of course hybrid stoves from Austroflamm can also be used without electricity like conventional wood-burning stoves and therefore also offer a crisis-proof and independent option for heating. 

Heating in the way you want

Still can’t decide between a stove and a pellet stove?
Hybrid stoves such as the Clou Duo or the Mo Duo combine all the advantages in a single appliance.

Clou Duo hybrid stove ambiance photo winter landscape cutout
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