Combustion technology

We strive – more than is demanded from us.

More or less the whole of Europe asks for the limits set up by the European Norm EN 13240. While the European standard EN is fairly easy to fulfil, there are local or national standards that are tough ones! Known as particularly strict are the Austrian standard art. 15a BV-G and the German DIN plus. These standards set up limits for 4 different emissions and the efficiency. And as some of them interact, it is far more difficult to comply than for EN, where e.g. there is no limit for particulate.

Limits clearly undercut!

But Austroflamm wants – and can – more: The diagram shows, that Austroflamm products fall short of the limits by more than 50 %, while having a higher efficiency at the same time! This means cleanest combustion with highest efficiency.

But is it only the stove Mono that is shown in the diagram that is below these strict limits? No – all Austroflamm stoves comply with EN 13240, DIN plus and many other standards! Austroflamm stoves are set-up for the future and can confidently look forward to even stricter limits.

Besides all these technical advantages, Austroflamm products also convince with their inimitable design – see for yourself on the following pages!

Diagram shows that Austroflamm stoves fall below of the limits according to EN 13240 and DIN Plus